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How do I know which category to post to in the forum?
How do I know which category to post to in the forum?

The forum is divided into specific topics to organize discussion.

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When you’re going to post in the forum, be sure to read through the sub-topics we use to organize discussion. Each forum topic includes a brief description that’ll give you a better idea of where your post should go.

If you have a post that you feel doesn’t fall into one of the existing categories, post it in Off-Topic Discussion.

Here’s a list of current forum topics:


The latest updates and news from the Pickup Music Community.

Get Advice

Feeling lost? Need direction? Dip into the knowledge of your fellow musicians, get feedback on your playing, and ask all your burning questions here.


Gear heads unite! Guitars, pedals, kits, pads, keys. This is the place to talk tech and share your setups.

Lesson Discussions

Get help with a Master Class, compare notes with fellow Pickup members, and share your lesson experiences.

Give us feedback

We love feedback on the website, forum and lessons to help make Pickup Music better and better.

Networking & Collaborations

It’s the era of the independent musician — but independent doesn’t mean alone. Connect with fellow musicians here to network, set up collabs, and go further together.

Music Marketing

Come here to build your career. This is the place to talk about all things music marketing – trade marketing tips, get a critique of your marketing plan, and share your results.

Off-topic Discussion

Feeling chatty? Come here to shoot the breeze.

Listen to This

Post great music that catches your ears here – new or old is fine, just no self-promotion.

Music Theory

This is where we talk about the math behind the music. Post music theory questions and discussion here.

Audio Engineering & Production

For the sonic wizards and audiophiles who want to get down to the nitty-gritty of sound. Come here for engineering and production discussion, hi-fi audio enthusiasm, and all the technical talk you can take!

Accountability Corner

Looking for someone to take a Master Class with? Need an accountability partner to check up on your practice schedule? Find a buddy here.

Non-Guitar Talk

This is where we talk about all the other instruments!

Music Memes

Need a break? Take a load off and share your best funny content and memes here.

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