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What is Pickup Music?
What is Pickup Music?

Learn more about our online education platform & mission.

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Pickup Music is a community of musicians, creators and music-lovers.
We’re a group of musicians who are building a stronger community than what’s possible on Instagram. Together we’re creating a place where a new generation of musicians can connect and learn from each other.

Pickup Music is an immersive education platform.
We offer online guitar lessons from the world's top musicians.

Our teachers include renowned artist-instructors like Isaiah Sharkey, Ichika Mo, Ariel Posen, Arianna Powell, Horace Bray, Dr. Molly Miller, Nicholas Veinoglou, Gilda Heckselman, Yogam Silverstein, Kazuki Isogai, and more.

These lessons are exclusive to Pickup Music. We work directly with our team of artists to produce lessons and base them on topics that their fans and our members most want to learn.

Have an idea for a lesson? You can request topics and artists in our forum.

Pickup Music is a springboard for indpendent artists.

A big part of what we do at Pickup Music is support emerging artists. We love discovering amazing new talent and supporting them to build a career in the music industry.

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