Our Master Classes and Learning Pathways are made up of 30-50 lessons that range from 2-10 minutes in length for a total of around 2-4+ hours per class.

However, you shouldn’t go through an entire class or "grade" in one sitting. Each class and learning pathway is broken up into short, digestible modules focused on one topic.

We encourage you to complete the exercises for each lesson video before moving on to the next one because each lesson typically builds on the previous one.

In general, we encourage our members to complete Master Classes from start to finish. However, if you know exactly what you want to learn, you can jump ahead as you please.

Our SongSquads, Licks Packages, and 5-Minute Lessons are shorter, usually 2-8 minutes each.

We recommend building the exercises you learn into your daily practice schedule. The best way to improve as a guitarist is through a consistent practice schedule rather than sporadic, longer practice sessions. Learning guitar is a life-long journey!

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