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What makes Pickup Music better than other guitar lesson sites?
What makes Pickup Music better than other guitar lesson sites?

Pickup Music is simply the best way to learn guitar online.

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Here's what puts us above the rest...

  • Learning Pathways – We offer the most focused way to learn guitar online. With step-by-step lessons, guided practice exercises, and interactive assessments, you'll know exactly what to work on at every step of your guitar journey.

  • Personalized feedback on your playing – When you work through a learning pathway, you'll have multiple opportunities to record yourself playing with a live-band backing track. From there, you can submit your video to our team of professional guitarists, who will give you personalized feedback on how to improve as a guitarist.

  • Our extensive lesson library – we have over 500 lessons for every type of guitarist.

  • Go beyond the basics. We specialize in helping intermediate and advanced players break out of playing plateaus.

  • No Dad Rock – We work with the best contemporary guitarists in the world, and our lessons reflect that. Sure, we have classic rock lessons, but we take pride in staying on the cutting edge of where guitar is headed.

  • Learn to play buttery-smooth guitar. We are the home of neo-soul guitar.

  • Advanced learning tools. All of our lessons come with interactive TAB and multiple HD camera angles – it makes for a much better learning experience.

  • We keep it fresh – we drop new lessons every. single. week. No matter what.

  • Custom feedback, unlimited support – Our team of professional and master's-level guitarists are standing by to help with any questions you have on a daily basis.

  • We're in it together – Pickup Music is a community of musicians, music-lovers, and artists. This is the place to connect with other guitarists, get feedback, and grow together

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