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What makes Pickup Music better than other guitar lesson sites?
What makes Pickup Music better than other guitar lesson sites?

Pickup Music is simply the best way to learn guitar online.

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Most online guitar lesson sites are very good at teaching one-off songs and licks. Or they get super famous guitarists to record one-hour video lessons talking at length about their particular style and career.

The problem is that these approaches don't stick. They don’t help you to get better as a guitarist. You can waste a lot of time bouncing around these types of unconnected, one-off lessons. It’s a recipe for a lot of practice without much progress.

Pickup Music takes a different approach. We give you a highly structured system that shows you exactly what to work on each week to make serious progress. We take you beyond the basics through a step-by-step journey toward fretboard mastery.

By following a Pickup Music Learning Pathway, you are getting the most guided way to learn guitar. Over six grades, we take you through daily lessons, guided practice exercises, and play-along jams that walk you through what’s going on behind the music.

Each grade then builds up to song performances that apply everything you’ve learned with a live backing band. These challenges - where we simulate what it’s like to play a real gig, with real musicians – are the absolute best way to learn.

The Learning Pathway method takes the guesswork out of your practice routine. Most guitarists start to see a rapid acceleration in their progress in a matter of weeks.

You can also get 1:1 video feedback on your playing and weekly live lessons. This personal feedback makes Pickup Music the closest thing to taking in-person lessons at a fraction of the cost.

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