You’ll have unlimited access to every lesson (past and future) on Pickup Music as long as your membership is active. That means every Master Class, every SongSquad, every Licks Package...we could go on but you get the idea. It's an all-inclusive membership.

All of our lessons consist of HD video lessons with written explanations along with downloadable music notation and guitar TAB. You can view, pause, fast-forward, slow down, and re-watch videos whenever you want, as many times as you want. As a member, you can also utilize our forum and the class discussions below each video to share your thoughts and get feedback on your playing.

Curricula for our lessons are designed by each artist in collaboration with our Los Angeles-based team of master’s-level educators and pro touring guitarists.

Pickup Music offers two types of lessons:

Master Classes

Our most popular lesson format is our in-depth Master Class. Each Master Class features one artist-teacher and is broken into digestible modules. One class consists of around 30-50 video lessons along with a downloadable PDF syllabus.

A Master Class will typically take you 2-4+ hours to work through, but the exercises and examples within require daily practice and should take you months to master.

We release one new Master Class every month.

Shorter lessons

We know your time is valuable. If you're looking for shorter lessons focused on key techniques, we offer five other lesson types:

SongSquad - Short learnable songs. Written, performed, and taught to you by our roster of elite artist-educators. Music notation and TAB are included. We release three SongSquads every week.

Essential Licks Packages - A collection of 10 licks or riffs by a featured Pickup artist. For each lick, the artist teaches you how to play it and apply it to your own playing. We release a couple of new licks packages every month.

5-Minute Lessons - Quick lessons covering essential topics.

Jam Tracks - Downloadable backing tracks to jam over.

Christmas Carols - Solo guitar arrangements of popular Christmas carols with included lesson videos.

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