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Learn Guitar in 10 Days (Scott Goldbaum)

Advanced Jazz Improvisation (Cecil Alexander)

7 Melodic Minor Modes in 7 Days (Sam Blakelock)

Ear Training (Michael Mayo)

7 Modes in 7 Days (Sam Blakelock)

Two-Handed Tapping (Sarah Longfield)

How to Break out of the Box (Molly Miller)

How to Sight Read on Guitar (Jamey Arent)

Advanced Fusion Guitar (Manuel Gardner Fernandes)

Advanced Neo Soul Guitar (Ashton Sellars)

Introduction to Classical Guitar (Evan Taucher)

Guitar Tone (Mason Stoops)

Guitar for Complete Beginners Vol. 2 (Jamey Arent)

Master the Blues (Artur Menezes)

Introduction to Blues Guitar (Seth Rosenbloom)

Slide Guitar (Ariel Posen)

Guitar for Complete Beginners Vol. 1 (Jamey Arent)

Chords Library (Sam Blakelock)

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar (Nathaniel Murphy)

Gospel Guitar (Isaiah Sharkey)

Chord Melody Arranging (Arianna Powell)

Advanced Fusion and Funk Guitar (Horace Bray)

Funk Guitar (Nicole Cerminara)

How to Get Started with Jazz Guitar (Quentin Angus)

Guitar Flow (Ruben Wan)

Piano for Producers and Guitarists (Elijah Fox)

Arpeggios for the Modern Guitarist (Will Johnson)

How to Shred on Guitar (Tastefully) (TJ Whitelaw)

Singer-Songwriter Foundations (Emily C. Browning)

Introduction to Guitar Soloing (Sam Blakelock)

Modern Jazz Guitar (Ben Eunson)

Neo Soul and R&B Guitar (Nicholas Veinoglou)

Jazz Guitar Chords (Sam Blakelock)

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