Music Theory Bootcamp (Dr. Quentin Angus) – Decode the science behind the sound. This extensive Bootcamp will teach you everything you need to know about music theory through the lens of guitar. You'll learn fundamental and advanced theoretical concepts as they apply to rhythm, harmony, and songwriting.

10 Techniques in 10 Days (Nicholas Veinoglou) – Give your guitar playing a glow-up! This intermediate-level class will equip you with a diverse series of ready-to-rip techniques that will help you breathe new life into your playing and become a more dynamic guitarist.

CAGED Bootcamp (Dr. Molly Miller) – Your guided learning pathway to the CAGED system. In this extensive Bootcamp, you'll learn how to open up your fretboard and solo in any key over any popular song using the CAGED system. Our members LOVE this Bootcamp.

R&B Techniques in 7 Days (Melanie Faye) – Learn iconic R&B techniques and advanced harmonic concepts to level up your chord progressions and become a more expressive guitarist.

Learn Funk in 10 Days (Jude Smith) – Get the fundamentals of funk under your fingers with 7 days of focused instruction to give your playing a fresh injection of groove.

Play Guitar Faster in 10 Days (Justus West) – Supercharge your playing with Justus as he walks you through 10 focused exercises that will help you hone your speed and dexterity on the guitar.

Learn Guitar in 10 Days (Scott Goldbaum) - Get started on the right foot with this 10-day introduction to the guitar from Scott Goldbaum. By the end of this class, you'll be able to play along with almost any popular song. Scott is an expert instructor who has a knack for making learning guitar, fun and approachable.

Advanced Jazz Improvisation (Cecil Alexander) - Learn to improvise blazing-fast bebop lines. Inspired by the ornate vocabulary of jazz greats like Charlie Parker and Wes Montgomery, Cecil will walk you through his methodical approach to the mechanics of bebop scales and logic-based chromaticism.

7 Melodic Minor Modes in 7 Days (Sam Blakelock) - If you’re looking to level-up your soloing skills and music theory knowledge, you’ve come to the right place. 7 Melodic Minor Modes in 7 Days is an intensive college-level class that will equip you with the dark and rich sounds of Melodic Minor harmony.

Ear Training (Michael Mayo) - Join internationally-acclaimed vocalist Michael Mayo as you sing through essential exercises to quickly train your ear. This Master Class provides you with the exercises and tools you need to develop your ear and unlock a new appreciation for music.

7 Major Scale Modes in 7 Days (Sam Blakelock) - If you’re looking to improve your improvisational skills and develop your understanding of music theory, then you’ve come to the right place. This Master Class is your intensive, online introduction to the seven modes of the major scale – a fundamental area of study for any guitarist serious about their learning journey.

Two-Handed Tapping (Sarah Longfield) - Looking to add some prog flair to your playing? Join Sarah Longfield as she guides you through the nuts and bolts of two-handed tapping.

How to Break out of the Box (Molly Miller) - Gain fretboard freedom. In this comprehensive, college-level Master Class, you'll learn how to map out your fretboard and express yourself on the guitar in any key using the CAGED system.

Sight Reading for Beginners (Jamey Arent) - Reading music notation on the spot is a valuable skill to develop as a guitarist. In this Master Class, Jamey Arent breaks down the fundamentals of sight reading on guitar.

Advanced Fusion Guitar (Manuel Gardner Fernandes) - Take your playing to new heights. Join prodigious guitarist Manuel Gardner Fernandes as he guides you through the cutting edge of fusion guitar.

Advanced Neo Soul Guitar (Ashton Sellars) - Unlock new sounds on your guitar with Ashton Sellars. In this Master Class, you'll learn how to play next-level neo soul and map out your fretboard through a systematic, triad-based approach.

Introduction to Classical Guitar (Evan Taucher) - Join award-winning classical guitarist and expert educator Evan Taucher as he walks you through the fundamentals of classical guitar.

Guitar Tone (Mason Stoops) - If you’re wondering what those knobs below the volume dial on your guitar are for, you should probably take this class. Join Mason Stoops as he shows you how to craft great guitar tone.

Guitar for Complete Beginners Vol. 1 (Jamey Arent) - This step-by-step online class will gently guide you through the fundamentals of guitar playing. By the time you finish, you’ll be able to play any simple pop or rock song and even write your own!

Guitar for Complete Beginners Vol. 2 (Jamey Arent) - Ready to take your playing to the next level? By the end of the class, you’ll be able to play any song that has bar chords in it and solo over common chord progressions including a 12-bar blues.

Guitar for Complete Beginners Vol. 3 (Jamey Arent) - Learn real-world playing techniques and practical music theory to bridge the gap from beginner to intermediate guitar.

Master the Blues (Artur Menezes) - Play blues guitar like a pro. In this Master Class, Artur breaks down his energetic approach to the blues and gives you the tools to discover your own voice.

Introduction to Blues Guitar (Seth Rosenbloom) - Learn the genre that started it all. This Master Class is the most effective way to equip yourself with the skills needed to become a quality blues player.

Slide Guitar (Ariel Posen) - In this Master Class, Ariel Posen will teach you how to play lyrical slide guitar. This course will give you everything you need to make your guitar sing.

Chords Library (Sam Blakelock) - Welcome to the Pickup Music Chords Library! In this Master Class, you’ll learn how to play essential chord shapes across the guitar.

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar (Nathaniel Murphy) - In this Master Class, you'll learn fundamental techniques and advanced concepts in fingerstyle guitar. By the end of the class, you'll be able to write and arrange your own acoustic fingerstyle songs.

Gospel Guitar (Isaiah Sharkey) - Join pro touring guitarist Isaiah Sharkey as he teaches you gospel guitar concepts and how to find your voice as a musician.

Chord Melody Arranging (Arianna Powell) - Professional touring guitarist Arianna Powell teaches you her complete system for composing stunning chord melodies for solo guitar.

Advanced Fusion and Funk Guitar (Horace Bray) - Are you feeling stuck? Boxed in? Uninspired? Join Horace Bray as he teaches you advanced techniques and concepts to elevate your playing with fusion and funk guitar.

Funk Guitar (Nicole Cerminara) - Get some groove into your life. In this Master Class, you'll learn fingerstyle funk guitar from Instagram guitar phenomenon, Nicole Cerminara.

How to Get Started with Jazz Guitar (Quentin Angus) - Calling all future jazz guitarists! Jazz 101 is now in session. Join internationally-acclaimed guitarist and educator, Dr. Quentin Angus, as he guides you through the foundations of jazz guitar.

Guitar Flow (Ruben Wan) - Through his iconic musical and visual style, Ruben Wan has carved a name for himself as a powerful player in the international guitar community. Now, it’s your turn to learn Ruben's signature sound.

Piano for Producers and Guitarists (Elijah Fox) - In this Master Class, renowned producer Elijah Fox will walk you through the fundamentals of piano and keyboard playing through the lens of songwriting and production.

Arpeggios for the Modern Guitarist (Will Johnson) - In this Master Class, you'll learn modern legato guitar technique and how to play arpeggios across your fretboard with ease.

How to Shred on Guitar (Tastefully) (TJ Whitelaw) - In this Master Class, you'll learn how to play tasteful gospel, funk, and rhythm guitar fast – like really fast.

Singer-Songwriter Foundations (Emily C. Browning) - Calling all singer-songwriters! Join Emily C. Browning as she breaks down her unique approach to singing, fingerstyle-guitar playing, and composing.

Introduction to Guitar Soloing (Sam Blakelock) - In this extensive class, Sam deconstructs the art of soloing through the lens and language of jazz. You'll get an overview of the most important chords, scales, theory, and musical concepts commonly used in jazz, funk, neo-soul, gospel, R&B, and lofi hiphop guitar solos.

Modern Jazz Guitar (Ben Eunson) - Learn how to craft your own modern jazz sound using advanced theory and Ben Eunson's signature legato technique.

Neo Soul and R&B Guitar (Nicholas Veinoglou) - Learn the foundational concepts behind the buttery-smooth sound of neo soul.

Jazz Guitar Chords (Sam Blakelock) - Looking for a quick start in the wonderful world of jazz guitar? You’ve come to the right place.

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