What's a Learning Pathway?

Read on to learn about our newest course format.

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Learning Pathways are our newest course format at Pickup Music, and we're moving full steam ahead with them.

If you've been a member of the site for a while, you may have taken a Bootcamp before. Learning Pathways are like Bootcamps on steroids.

Learning pathways have the same guided lessons and practice exercises our members know and love, but they include a bunch of new features to help guide you through every step of your guitar journey.

Learning Pathways feature:

  • guided host videos to keep your eyes on the prize

  • interactive quizzes to make sure you're properly absorbing material

  • live-band jam tracks to put your skills in a purely musical context

  • opportunities for personalized feedback from our team of pro guitarists

In short, you can expect the same lessons you know and love with more guidance and fresh assessments to keep you on track.

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