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What's the difference between a Bootcamp, Learning Pathway, and Master Class?
What's the difference between a Bootcamp, Learning Pathway, and Master Class?

Check out this article if you're confused about which course you should take and what's involved in each learning format.

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  • Learning Pathways – Our most current and guided learning format. Pathways will take you from beginner to advanced in various styles of guitar. You'll know exactly what to work on at every step of the way.

  • Bootcamps – Our first foray into truly guided learning with daily practice exercises. We're gradually replacing Bootcamps with Pathways.

  • Master Classes – Our original class format. Usually, these give you a condensed learning experience where you can spice up your playing with new concepts and techniques. We still release new Master Classes, but they're more of a "peek behind the curtain" at an artist's playing style.

Bootcamps vs. Learning Pathways

When we started the Pickup Music membership in 2018, we focused solely on Master Classes, which offered a condensed look at various styles of guitar taught by some of the best contemporary players in the world.

Since then, we've come to know that our community is best served by an ultra-guided learning approach that shows you exactly what to practice at every step of the way.

Bootcamps were our first step in this guided learning direction. They featured step-by-step lessons with guided daily practice and interactive jams. Our community loved Bootcamps, but we weren't satisfied! We knew we could take our courses even further.

This is where Learning Pathways come into play – they're like Bootcamps on steroids.

Learning pathways have the same guided lessons and practice exercises our members know and love, but they include a bunch of new features to help guide you through every step of your guitar journey.

Learning Pathways feature:

  • guided host videos to keep your eyes on the prize

  • interactive quizzes to make sure you're properly absorbing material

  • live-band jam tracks to put your skills in a purely musical context

  • opportunities for personalized feedback from our team of pro guitarists

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