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How do I sign up for the Refer-a-Friend program?
How do I sign up for the Refer-a-Friend program?

Signing up for Pickup Music's Refer-a-friend Program.

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You can sign up for the member's referral program following these steps:

  1. Open this link, fill out the empty fields and submit the form.

    1. Use the same email address you are using for your Pickup Music account! (This helps us to identify you as a member of Pickup Music and add the earned commissions to the right account)

    2. Save your login credentials

  2. Please confirm your email address

    1. Can’t find the email? Check your spam folder.

  3. Congratulations, you are now taking part at the Pickup Music Refer-a-Friend program and get 1 Month of Pickup Music for free for every successful referral.

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