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Learn how to slow down, loop, zoom, and visualize our interactive guitar tablature.

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You probably know we have interactive TAB for our lessons, but have you seen the latest updates? Check them out:

TAB synced to video

We're super excited about this newest feature.

  • In our Learning Pathways, you'll find interactive TAB that follows the video lesson or backing track you're watching.

  • Simply press play on the video, and the TAB will play along in real-time.

Viewing synced TAB in fullscreen vs. PIP

Wondering how to view video that's connected to our TAB in fullscreen mode?

  • Click the three dots (...) on the TAB settings bar

  • Click "Toggle fullscreen"

Fretboard visualizer

Available for all TAB on the site, this handy tool will allow you to see where notes fall on your fretboard for the lick or piece you're learning.

  • Click the third button from the left (🎹) on your TAB toolbar, and a fretboard diagram will pop up with moving notes to help you visualize what you're learning.

Notation + TAB

Need more rhythmic guidance? Want to work on your notation-reading skills? Wondering how to see the chords for a certain song?

  • Selecting "Full Score" (by clicking the leftmost button on the TAB toolbar) will display standard notation in addition to TAB.

  • If you're ever looking at a TAB and don't see chords listed, chances are they'll appear in full score.

Fullscreen + Zooming

If you're having trouble reading TAB, click the three dots (...) on the right side of your TAB toolbar to pull up options for fullscreen view and zooming.

  • Zooming in is also handy for isolating a trick section you want to work on.


This is my favorite feature – it makes it super easy to isolate a tricky run of notes. Here's how to use it:

  • Click where you want to start looping the TAB

  • Highlight the section you want to loop by clicking and dragging over it with your mouse/finger.

  • Press play – the section you highlighted will loop on repeat.

Speed control

You've probably heard us hammer home the importance of practicing slowly before practicing something at speed. The speed control option in our TAB is perfect for incorporating this.

For TAB not synced to video:

  • Click the downward arrow next to the play button

  • Select your desired playback speed

  • Click play

For TAB synced to video (Learning Pathways):

  • Click the gear icon on the video (βš™οΈ)

  • Select your speed

  • Click play

While transcribing and learning by ear is important, interactive TAB is a great way to fuel your learning process when digesting new material.

Ready to give it a shot? Jump into a Learning Pathway and check out these features.

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