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How do I view TAB videos in fullscreen?
How do I view TAB videos in fullscreen?

If a video has TAB synced to it, the fullscreen button is in the TAB menu.

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Having trouble viewing a video in fullscreen mode?

Chances are, it's one of our videos that has interactive TAB synced to it. The fullscreen option for these videos works differently than:

  • the primary lesson videos at the top of a Learning Pathway lesson

  • videos with no TAB synced to them

In this case, you might be confused because you're only seeing the PiP button...

Wondering about the PiP (picture in picture) button?

If you see a video and can only find the PiP option, the fullscreen option can be found in the TAB settings menu.

  • Click the three dots (...) on the TAB settings bar

  • Click "Toggle fullscreen"

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