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Is Pickup Music good for intermediate and advanced guitarists?
Is Pickup Music good for intermediate and advanced guitarists?

You bet! Helping guitarists break out of the intermediate/advanced plateau is our specialty

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Pickup Music is the best platform available for intermediate and advanced guitarists.

Blast through the intermediate plateau

Our courses take you beyond the basics to intermediate concepts like the CAGED system, triads, arpeggios, modes, and improvisation.

The biggest trap for intermediate players is bouncing around from lesson to lesson without a plan or structure to get to that next level.

We're known for taking intermediate and advanced players who have hit a ceiling and busting through until they reach the next level.

Become (even more) advanced

We work with guitarists who are redefining what the guitar can do. If you're ready for a challenge, explore our advanced Learning Pathway and Master Class lessons with players like:

  • Manuel Gardner Fernandes, who's pushing the boundaries of prog/fusion guitar.

  • Cecil Alexander, whose mind-melting bebop licks will give you a run for your money.

  • Rosie Frater Taylor, whose approach to scatting melodic jazz solos will expand your sonic palette

  • Lawrence Jones, who will take you deep into advanced gospel concepts.

  • ...and so many more

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